Paralegals at GN Law

At GN Law, we pride ourselves on the fact that our paralegals enjoy the benefit of being trained as they would on a training contract. The nature of the work we do means that we have a number of paralegals at any one time.

Many are eligible for training contracts, others may be gaining experience to see what areas of law appeal to them. As a general rule, we no longer allow trainee solicitors to take time to count in order to shorten their training contracts with us. 3 trainee positions are available in March.

What is life as a Paralegal really like at GN Law?

Our paralegals are kept busy! They do not just do the photocopying (though there may be some from time to time). Our paralegals either assist in the running of files, seeing clients and attending court or have files in their own name (particularly in our Mental Health department) that are their responsibility.

By way of example, being a mental health paralegal (once fully trained and have demonstrated their competence) can expect to conduct the advocacy at hospital managers meetings where they are arguing for the client’s discharge from detention under the Mental Health Act.

Coaching, Leadership and Video Training

The GN team also benefits from our innovative in-house coaching and leadership training as well our video training where they can analyse and get feedback on how they come across to clients and other parties who they meet face-to-face. Having a good rapport with clients and gaining their confidence early is key to delivering the service that they deserve and will often demand. Our video training alongside more traditional training helps our paralegals develop how they present themselves both socially and directly with clients.

As a rule, our paralegals will have a minimum of a law degree or a non-law degree and the GDL. Many have completed the LPC and are seeking a training contract or are taking the LPC part-time while working.

Your GN Law Journey Continues

From Paralegal To Trainee Solicitor

  • 3 training contracts are available each March (more in exceptional circumstances, but 3 is the norm).
  • Applications will be invited for these in the preceding September.
  • In order to be eligible to apply, paralegals must have worked with us for 6 months as at the date of the interview so that we can assess performance.
  • The directors have discretion to allow applications from paralegals without 6 months experience with us in exceptional circumstances and on the recommendation/support of their supervisor.

How To Apply

GN Law is a multi-talented team of solicitors, barristers, paralegals, accounts and finance specialists and support staff. We’re always interested in hearing from people at all levels who think they have something unique to add, so please send your CV, covering letter and equal opportunities form to or browse our current vacancies.

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