Complaints Handling Procedure

Guile Nicholas Complaints Handling Procedure

This Complaints Procedure is in keeping with the Solicitors Regulation Authority Code of Conduct 2019 relating to the handling of complaints and is available to all clients on request.

In handling any complaint it is our aim to be reasonable, fair and proportionate, accessible and responsive to the client’s needs. We have implemented a procedure which is aimed at being clear and simple with as few steps as possible, these steps are detailed below.

We will aim to resolve all complaint within eight weeks and in most cases aim to do so more quickly.

Complaints Procedure

  1. We will promptly, acknowledge receipt of a complaint and confirm our procedure for complaints handling.
  2. We will then investigate the complaint. This will normally involve passing the complaint to our Complaints Manager, Andrew Guile, who will review the matter / file and speak to the member of staff who acted for the client. If for any reason it is not appropriate for Andrew Guile to investigate the complaint it will be delegated to an appropriate member of staff for investigation.
  3. After reviewing the complaint Andrew Guile will send a detailed written reply to the client, including his suggestions for resolving the matter. This will be done within 21 days of sending the acknowledgement letter.
  4. At this stage, if the client is still not satisfied, he / she should contact us again and we will arrange for Omiros Nicholas or someone else unconnected with the matter at the firm to review the decision.
  5. We will further write to the client within 14 days of receiving a request for a review, confirming our final position on the complaint and explaining our reasons.
  6. Should the client not be satisfied at the conclusion of the complaint he / she will be reminded of the right to complain to the Legal Ombudsman (as below) at the conclusion of any complaint to us. This should be made no later than six years from the date of any act / omission or three years from the date you should reasonably have known there were grounds for complaint (if the act/omission took place before the 6 October 2010 or was more than six years ago). Furthermore, any such complaint should be made within six months of receiving a final response from us.

The Legal Ombudsman, PO Box 6806, WV1 9WJ
Tel: 0300 555 0333; email:

If there need to be any changes to any of the timescales above, the client will be informed accordingly.

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