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Probate Solicitors

Our Probate Solicitors in London have extensive knowledge and experience efficiently handling the management and administration of estates, including advising on and/or conducting all stages of the probate process.

How can we help?

The executors of the will, or the administrators of an estate if there is no will, have important duties. At GN Law, our specialist team of Probate Solicitors, Lawyers and Paralegals can help guide you through one or all of the key stages of the probate process

When someone passes away leaving a will, the executors may need to obtain a grant of probate from the Probate Registry to allow them to give effect to the terms of the will, including collecting up the deceased’s assets and paying them to the beneficiaries. But not all estates need probate. Other issues can arise, for instance some estates will have Inheritance Tax to pay and others may not.

Sorting through all these issues can be daunting. You might feel that you need to be pointed in the right direction or you may feel that you just need help with completing the tax forms. You may want someone to take the whole thing off your hands.

GN Law is based in North Finchley in London and Tring in Hertfordshire, acting for our probate clients locally in Whetstone, Totteridge, Finchley, Barnet and New Southgate, across London and the UK.

Our probate services include:

  • Advising on and/or conducting all stages of the probate process
  • Advising on Inheritance Tax liability
  • Help completing the tax forms
  • Help applying for probate
  • Finding/identifying missing beneficiaries
  • Advising on claims brought against the estate

How much does Probate cost?

We have set out below examples of our costs estimates for different types and sizes of estate.

1 – Basic estate

  • 1 property
  • 2 – 4 bank/financial institution accounts and/or investments in the UK
  • A valid will
  • No liabilities and no inheritance tax payable
  • Up to 4 beneficiaries
  • Estate value £50,000 – £100,000 (+ property value)

Our cost estimate for this estate would be £2,500 – £3,500 (+ VAT at 20% + disbursements)

2 – Standard estate

  • 1 property
  • 4 – 6 bank/financial institution accounts
  • A valid will
  • 1 – 2 liabilities
  • Up to 4 beneficiaries
  • Estate value £250,000 – £300,000

Our cost estimate for this estate would be £4,000 – £5,500 (+ VAT at 20% + disbursements)

3 – Complex estate

  • 1 property
  • 6 – 8 bank/financial institution accounts
  • No will (intestate)
  • Up to 4 beneficiaries
  • Estate value £600,000 – £800,000

Our cost estimate for this estate would be £8,000 – £12,000 (+ VAT at 20% + disbursements)

4 – High value/Complex estate

  • 8 – 12 bank/financial institution accounts
  • A valid will
  • 4 – 6 beneficiaries
  • Estate value £2 – £2.5 Million

Our cost estimate for this estate would be £20,000 – £25,000 (+ VAT at 20% + disbursements)

Fixed Fee Probate

No two estates are the same and it is very common for even what, at first, appear to be simple estates to involve unforeseen and unforeseeable complications. For this reason, it is difficult for us to offer fixed fees in relation to this area of work but we are happy to discuss fixed fees with clients on a case-by-case basis.

Hourly Rates

For work charged on an hourly basis, our current rates are as follows: –

  • Andrew Guile & Barbara Thorne (senior solicitors) – £315 + VAT
  • Chryso Loizides (Associate Solicitor) – £250 + VAT
  • Paralegal/Trainee Solicitor – £140 + VAT

Please note – unlike many law firms, we do not charge our clients a percentage of the value of the estate.


‘Disbursements’ are expenses that we pay on your behalf. During probate, these commonly are: –

  • Land Registry fee of £3
  • Bankruptcy search fees of £36
  • Financial Asset search fees of approximately £180
  • Court fee of £273 (for application of the Grant) and £1.50 for each sealed copy
  • Statutory advertisement fees of approximately £200 (if required).

These are disbursements of the estate and are paid once funds are available.


How long probate takes depends on several factors, although normally the probate process can take between 6 to 12 months. Although unexpected things can happen leading to cases taking longer than initially anticipated. While no two cases are the same, the following timescales should apply from the date we are instructed in an uncomplicated case:

  • To value the estate and submit inheritance tax information to HMRC – 2-4 months
  • To obtain a grant of probate or letters of administration – 2-3 months from submission of tax information to HMRC
  • To encash the estate (i.e. collect in the assets), pay debts and distribute the estate to beneficiaries – 3-6 months

Please note, the above time estimates do not include cases where a property being sold, where there is trouble locating beneficiaries, where claims are brought against the estate, and where HMRC query property valuations, etc.

How does it work?

When GN Law represents your case, you can be assured it will be handled with the utmost competence. Working in your best interest, our aim is to make the law both simple and effective. The GN Probate Team is supported by a team of lawyers who are specialists in other areas of law such as wills, trusts, and power of attorney. Therefore, whatever the issue, there will be experts available to help with your case.

Are you eligible for Legal Aid?

For more information about Legal Aid and if you might be eligible, please feel free to contact us.

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