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A representative is likely to be required even in uncontested welfare cases before the Court of Protection, particularly regarding P’s residence or care, and where a deprivation of liberty needs to be authorised. This guide provides further detail.
If you ever lose mental capacity to deal with issues relating to your finances or your health and welfare, an LPA is a useful document to have to ensure that someone you trust, and whom you have appointed at the time you had capacity, will be able to make these decisions on your behalf.
Making a will is vital as it allows your wishes regarding your property to be carried out after you die. This is especially important if you have a spouse or children you want to ensure are provided for on your death. Read this guide to find out more.
Understanding the current divorce process, including no fault divorce law, how to start divorce proceedings and how to apply for a divorce in the UK.
The death of a loved one is always difficult especially as, for many people, they have very little experience of how to administer their loved one’s estate. This guide will take you through the basic steps that will help you navigate these difficult times.
This guide can help you understand the divorce process. Including how and where to apply for divorce in the UK and how to start divorce proceedings.
Care proceedings are court proceedings where the Local Authority has applied for a ‘care order’ for a child that they have concerns about. A care order gives the Local Authority 'parental responsibility' for the child in question.
This guide is designed to take you through court proceedings in relation to children from start to finish. It concentrates on the ‘Applicant’ who is the person applying to the court for an order.
You can complain to the police about anything that you are dissatisfied with. It could be you were wrongfully arrested, assaulted, verbally abused, ignored or any other matter that leaves you feeling angry or dissatisfied. Find out more in this helpful guide.
This guide is designed to provide a general overview to bringing compensation claims against the police and public bodies. It will identify the sorts of claims that can be brought; give a taste of the sorts of issues that come up in such cases and looks briefly at the question of damages.
Understanding the different types of trusts and how they are designed to benefit you, can sometimes be overwhelming. The aim of this guide is to provide you with clear, simple advice as to whether setting up a trust is the right thing for you to do.
Community care affects many people’s lives. It can affect you if you have a physical disability, a mental health illness or really any health condition which affects your life and your ability to live it. It may also affect you if you have a family member or friend who is suffering with such a health condition.
Did you know that your landlord must put your deposit in a government backed tenancy deposit scheme (TDP) if you rent your home after 6 April 2007? This applies to tenancies called Assured Shorthold Tenancies. Most private tenancies will be Assured Shorthold. Find our more in this helpful guide.

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