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Domestic Abuse

If you are currently experiencing domestic abuse from an ex-partner, it is crucial that you reach out for assistance. The Family Courts have the ability to provide victims of domestic abuse with protective 'injunction' orders to ensure their safety and well-being.
Our People - Peter Bushell
Non-molestation orders serve as a vital legal tool to safeguard individuals from violence or harassment. These court-issued injunctions can be sought against various parties, such as current or former partners, family members, or cohabitants.
Our People - Anna Johnson
Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that leaves victims questioning their own sanity, eroding their self-esteem and perpetuating a cycle of control and abuse.
Our People - Olivia Allen
Loretta Orsi-Barzanti considers the impact of a second 'lockdown' in relation to family disputes and divorce.
Our People - Loretta Orsi-Barzanti
Peter Bushell highlights the frightening possibility of people having to live with their abuser during lockdown.
Our People - Peter Bushell
Here we discusses cross-examination in family proceedings where allegations of domestic violence are raised.
Our People - GN
Sasha Miles-Bunch discusses the cross-examination of domestic violence victims in the courts.
Our People - GN
Nilufer Ozdemir identifies the relevance of domestic violence in key areas of family law.
Our People - GN
"Domestic abuse is a devastating crime that all too often remains hidden. That's why we're determined that no victim will be turned away from the help they need, at the time they need it.” says Sajid Javid, Communities Secretary.
Our People - GN
Legal aid funding in family law cases was, up until recently, limited to those that could prove domestic violence within two years.
Our People - GN
Simona Obadia takes a look at the latest law on Domestic Violence.
Our People - GN

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