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Power of Attorney

Chryso Loizides considers what LPAs are all about and why that planning ahead is a good idea.
Our People - Chryso Loizides
Natasha Hejabizadeha looks at why, in certain circumstances, it is important to have a lasting power of attorney.
Our People - GN
Oscar Sotiriou-Martinez considers the lessons that can be learned from the heart-rending story of Kate Garraway and her husband, Derek who was hospitalised with COVID-19.
Our People - Oscar Sotiriou Martinez
Sarena Spicer looks a the risks of not having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).
Our People - GN
Josephine Russen explains how you can apply for a partial refund from the Office of the Public Guardian if you registered a Lasting Power of Attorney between April 2013 and April 2017.
Our People - GN
Alan Eccles, who took over as the Public Guardian in April 2012, wants all adults in England to draw up an LPA. Why …? The answer is simple; setting up an LPA before you lose capacity (for instance to control your own finances) makes solving the problem of loss of capacity far quicker, simpler and...
Our People - Andrew Guile
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