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Documents required in Divorce Financial Proceedings

Our People - Loretta Orsi-Barzanti
9 January, 2019

Which documents are required for Financial Proceedings in a Divorce?

Step by step guide…

1 Form A

This is filed with the Court with the court fee which is currently £255. The Court will then allocate the application to a local Court and send the spouses notice of the hearing date.

2. Form E

Each spouse completes this financial statement to provide full financial disclosure and sets out their needs.

3. Chronology

Filed before the first hearing, this is a schedule of the relevant events to the marriage.

4. Statement of Issues

Filed before the first hearing, this is a concise Statement of the Issues in dispute between the Spouses.

5. Questionnaire

Filed before the first hearing and having seen each Form E, you can ask questions of your spouse to get further information arising from Form E.

6. Form G

This is filed before the first hearing to inform the Court whether the FDA can be used as a Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing (FDA).

7. Form H

A cost estimate must be prepared before each hearing to show how much they are paying in legal fees.

8. Interim Order / Directions

These are orders made by the court after a hearing takes place to tell you what you need to do before the next hearing.

9. Final Order

This is the last order within the proceedings and will tell you what will happen to all of the assets in the case.

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