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Simple steps to assessments in Care Proceedings

Our People - Jalpa Vadgama
9 January, 2019

What are the types of assessments and testing in care proceedings?

1. Physical Assessment

This assessment is to understand your brain functioning and the reasons for certain behaviours.

2. Parenting Assessment

This assessment focuses on your ability to parent and care for your child(ren).

3. Psychiatric Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether you have any diagnosable mental health conditions and if so, the appropriate treatment and support services for you.

4. Drugs and/or Alcohol Testing

Either or both of these tests may be ordered if there are concerns as to your drug/alcohol abuse.

Head of Family (Public Law)
Jalpa Vadgama is an associate solicitor and is the head of our Public Children Law Department. She is a member of Resolution and an Accredited Member of the Child Panel.

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