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Simple steps to the procedure for Care Proceedings

Our People - Jalpa Vadgama
9 January, 2019

What are the procedures for Care Proceedings?

1. An Application is Filed

Social Services file an application to the Court for a care or supervision order in respect of your child[ren).

2. Instructing a Solicitor

Instruct a Solicitor – its free!

3. First Hearing – CMH (Case Management Hearing)

The Court will determine how your case should proceed, this will include assessments being undertaken, parties to provide written evidence to the court.

4. Second Hearing – IRH (Issues Resolution Hearing)

This hearing is intended to narrow the issues in your case and for the remaining issues to be determined at a final hearing.

5. Third Hearing- Final Hearing

If you agree with Social Services plan for your child(ren) you will not be required to provide oral evidence in court . If you do not agree with the Social Service’s plan you would be required to provide oral evidence in court as to why you don’t agree.

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