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Will Aid 2021: It’s here again!

Our People - Chryso Loizides
28 September, 2021

Will Aid is a charity will-writing scheme that partners-up with law firms to raise money for nine charities, which include ActionAid; British Red Cross; Christian Aid; NSPCC; Save The Children; Sightsavers; Age UK; SCIAF and Trocaire.  GN Law participates in Will Aid every year.

Will aid gives you the opportunity to have your simple will written or updated free of charge. We will help to draw up your will that accurately reflects the wishes of the individual or couple.

In the last ten years, GN Law has raised more than £40,000 in donations and we are delighted that our clients’ donations have helped to improve the lives of so many people.  

If you are interested in drawing up your simple will, free of charge, contact our Wills, Trust and Probate team for more information or find us on  

Chryso is a solicitor in the Wills, Trusts & Probate and Court of Protection departments.

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