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Will Aid: GN Law among Top Fundraisers

Our People - Chryso Loizides
14 June, 2021

Will Aid is a charity will writing scheme that partners-up with law firms to raise money for nine charities, which include ActionAid; British Red Cross; Christian Aid; NSPCC; Save The Children; Sightsavers; Age UK; and Trocaire.  GN Law participates in Will l Aid every November.

For many years now, our staff have volunteered their time and expertise throughout the month of November to write wills for people in exchange for a donation to one of the nine charities above. People are offered the opportunity to update their wills in return for a donation to help people in need.

Making a will is such an important thing to do; to ensure that your loved ones are provided for, to help avoid disputes over your estate and to provide for children and vulnerable adults.

We are proud to announce that, in the last 10 years GN Law has managed to raise more than £40,500 in donations. We will, of course, be taking part in the campaign for November 2021.

We are delighted that our clients’ donations have helped to improve the lives of vulnerable children, families and older people who benefit from Will Aid donations

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